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KHS 60th Reunion 3 Hour Cruise

The KHS Class of '65 Reunion Team is looking at having two separate events.  The first one, we are thinking about is a Friday afternoon 3-hour cruise down the Hudson River from the Roundout to West Point and Back on board the Rip Van Winkle.  The Second event would be a get-together at the Twaalfskill Golf Club House which was used for our 50th KHS Class Reunion.

This survey is to determine the interest in doing the 3-hour Fall Boat tour.   We would be part of the general public, as to obtain exclusive access to the Boat is Very expensive.

Please fill-out the following survey and help us determine the interest.   You can do both or just one.

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1)   Are you interested in taking a 3-hour Hudson River cruise?

2)   What factors would make you more likely to join a Hudson River cruise? (Select all that apply)

3)   The current ticket fee for a 3-hour Hudson River cruise is $40 per person. The fee will fluctuate (up or down) based on the cost of fuel. Would you still be inclined to participate?

4)   Would you be willing to make a small donation (e.g., $5) to help keep the ticket prices for the Hudson River cruise more affordable for everyone?

5)   What benefits or incentives would encourage you to make a donation to support lower ticket prices? (Select all that apply)

6)   How important is it to you that ticket prices for the Hudson River cruise remain affordable for a wide range of people?

7)   Would you be willing to find a Sponsor/Benefactor (does not have to be in the Kingston area) or a Raffle to help offset the cost of the Cruise?

8)   Any other Comments/Suggestions

This survey ended on 11/01/2023.
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