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60th Reunion Survey

Greetings Fellow KHS Class of '65 Classmates,

As we  begin a New Year, 2023, it may be time to explore the interest for having a 60th (I know it's hard to belive) Class of '65 Reunion coming in two years!  2025 seems like a long time away, but now is the time to gage your interest in getting together for another milestone event.

This simple survey could be the start of a few others.  For now we are just explore classmate interest.  Contingent on interests we may also have some "Virtual Meetings" using Zoom.

If you have additional Comments (which will be private), please feel free to use the "Contact Us" Button found at the button of most Website Pages.  These Comments will be handle by the Admistrators of our Website.

Well that's it for now.  Looking forward to your responses by May 31, 2023 at which time the results of the survey will be shared.

Our Best for a Most Joyous New Year!!

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1)   Are you interested in attending a KHS class of '65 Reunion?

There could be both an in-person event and a Virtual Event depending on classmate interest.
2)   Are you interested in being on a 60th Class Reunion Team?

Once we have a Reunion team formed, positions would be decided. It would be ideal if the Team Leader could be located to Kingston, New York.
3)   What season of the year would you prefer to have a 60th reunion?

The Reunion Team can decide on the exact timing of the event.
4)   Should it be formal, casual or both (1 casual and another formal)?

The KHS Class of '66 celebrated their last reunion along the Hudson River at the George H. Freer Memorial Park in Port Ewen.

5)   If not enough Classmate volunteers are available to staff a Reunion Team; should we use a professional organization like reunions.com to handle all the details?

Reunions.com is fee based. Donations may be necessary.
This survey ended on 06/02/2023.
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