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Survey Virtual Gatherings?

It has been 54 years since we graduated KHS and three plus years since we last gathered together in person for our KHS 50th Class reunion.  During past years many of you have continued to stay in touch with your classmates by phone, through social media, private email, or through our KHS class website.

All of these methods are great for “staying connected” but, on the other hand imperfect for some who wish that we could get together in a more organized and personal way from wherever we are or live.

To quote a line from an early 70’s TV show “We have the technology” and this aspiration can be “virtually” accomplished right now using a video conferencing service called “Zoom”.  Select this link to seen a short Demo

Your website moderators have been discussing whether there is enough interest amongst our classmates to gather on-line in a “virtual room” with some regularity using the “Zoom” video conferencing service.

To join an online gathering, classmates would need or have access to a digital device (desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, that has an audio mic and video capability (today most digital devices do) and an internet connection. Classmates can also join using a standard telephone (audio only). There would be no cost for classmates to join a Zoom conference when you are connected using Wi-fi, Bluetooth tethering or a direct connection (wired) to your Modem / router. Data usage may apply if you connect using cellular service; depending on your cellphone or tablets cellular data plan.  

We know that “Zoom” is a great and easy to use collaboration service that both your website moderators often use for other interactive audio / visual conferencing.

This on-line survey is being conducted to determine and evaluate our classmates’ level of interest to meet together “virtually” on-line and video / talk as a whole group using “Zoom”  

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* Answer Required
1)   * Would you be interested in attending an on-line classmate meet-up using the free “Zoom” audio / video platform (for class of 1965 classmates only)

2)   * Have you ever attended an interactive web-conference platform (i.e. Skype, G-Suite Basic, Webex, Facetime, Go-to-Meeting etc.) using a digital device?

3)   * What are the best days of the week that would be most convenient to join a on-line classmate? (Indicate all days that apply)

Any Day
4)   * What time of day would you prefer to attend an event? (On-line meetings originate in PST time zone)

Mid Day
No preference
5)   * What topics would be of interest to you at a class meet-up?

i.e.: No preference
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