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Welcome KHS Classmates of '65


Dear KHS Class of 1965 Classmate,

We trust this message finds you in good health. As we approach our 60th class reunion(September 5th and 6th 2025), it's remarkable to reminisce about the shared memories that have woven our bond over the years.

Our dedicated reunion Team has been diligently working to ensure that this reunion is not just an event but a special nostalgic journey.

In the pursuit of creating a truly memorable experience, we have carefully chosen venues that hold sentimental value and provide a comfortable setting for us to reconnect. However, such meaningful locations come with associated costs, prompting us to turn to our wonderful classmates for support.

Your invaluable input has guided us throughout this process, and it's our heartfelt desire to ensure that every classmate who wishes to attend can do so without financial hindrance. To achieve this goal, we are seeking significant donations to cover the expenses and make this reunion an inclusive and unforgettable occasion.

No contribution is too small, as each one will have a meaningful impact. Your generosity will directly contribute to the success of our gathering, allowing us to craft enduring memories together.

If you are able to contribute, please make checks payable to "KHS Class of 1965" then mail to:

Mark Riseley
22 Alison Court
Kingston, New York 12401

Mark will handle the details. Mark Riseley and Pat Olseen are now shepherding our Class finances.

Your support holds immense importance for us, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating this significant milestone together.

Warm regards,

KHS Class of '65 Reunion Team


Reunion 2025 - Donations Appreciated

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teamsWe are seeking significant donations to cover the expenses and make this reunion an inclusive and unforgettable occasion. No contribution is too small.

Your donation will help with:

  • Possible reunion amenities, such as live music, Cruise Down the Hudson etc.
  • Basic and/or fixed reunion costs, such as venue rentals, food and Non-Alcoholic beverages, name tags, etc.
  • Possible assistance to classmates unable to pay full event price.
  • Continued operational costs of the class website, which include reunion surveys, information, photos, etc., and associated costs to maintain that secured site.
  • Maintenance of a balance in our class account to cover unforeseen expenses and/or a Donation to the KHS Alumni Association.

To donate, go to our KHS 60th Reunion Donations page.

About the Donation Thermometer:  Updating your donations to show on the thermometer is done manually. Donations will be entered upon receipt. 
If you are waiting to see the thermometer move after you have donated, you are always welcome to send a Contact Us message or call Paul 626.828.8225 to give him a nudge.


Site Features

There are many features and places to visit, reminisce and stay informed.This site is like a living entity and with your input and recommendations it will be updated regularly.

It's also another place where we can communicate with fellow class members much like Facebook, but exclusively for KHS Class of 65 classmates. 

If this is your first time visiting our website please Join Here and click on your name.  Then we strongly recommend you visit our First Time Visitor's page

KHS, All Hail!! All Hail!!  

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Gone but not forgotten KHS Class of '65 Classmates

After you register, please take a moment to visit the In Memory page.

If you are aware of an Alum who should be added to our In Memory page please let us know.


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